Skills and Gap Training program

Do you have skills or experience in building and construction and want to convert them to a qualification?

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The SAGT Civil Construction program aims to provide a pathway for eligible individuals in the Queensland Building and Construction Industry and Career Seekers who possess significant industry experience, to have their existing skills recognised and to receive the gap training required to achieve nationally recognised Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations RII30815.

The SAGT General Construction program is intended to provide an assessment of the skills of a participant (that have not previously been formally recognised) and to deliver the gap training identified in order achieve the qualification. Participants under this program should be able to demonstrate RPL experience in approx. 80% or more of the competencies required to complete the full qualification.  Credit transfers for existing competencies for up to 50% of the units can be recognised towards the qualification.

Advanced Industry Training, RTO No: 5363 has funding through Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) to help workers and job seekers convert existing skills and gain new skills to achieve a Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations (RII30815).

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) is an independent industry-funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices and career seekers in the building and construction industry.

Check out the criteria and how to apply then give us a call to book your skills assessment and training plan to get that qualification you need.

Eligibility Criteria

  • An Existing Worker in the Building and Construction AND;
  • An Eligible Worker; OR
  • A career seeker with previous experience in the Building and Construction Industry
  • An Australian or New Zealand citizen; or
  • A permanent resident of Australia; or
  • A holder of a refugee or humanitarian visa
  • Permanently reside in Queensland; OR
  • Be permanently employed in Queensland
  1. An apprentice or trainee
  2. Currently enrolled and participating in a school program
  3. A trainer/assessor or worker employed by an RTO
  4. Already funded by an Authority or other source for delivery of the same training
  5. Have previously been funded for the same training

How to Apply:

Once we receive your documents we will phone you to make an appointment to conduct the skills assessment and develop a training plan.

ID Requirements:

Applications for the qualification must be supported with copies of 2 forms of ID from the following lists:

  • Full Birth Certificate or Birth Certificate Extract;
  • Passport;
  • Medicare card (green only); or
  • Visa (humanitarian or refugee)


  • Queensland Drivers Licence (front and back);
  • Telephone account, bank statement (with amounts blanked out); statement from real estate; electricity account
  • Any other formal document with the learner’s name and current residential address (must be a Qld address)

Other Documents Required:

For participants that are Existing Eligible Workers, a letter from your employer is required detailing length of employment and types of duties undertaken (they must relate to the building and construction industries)

For participants that are Career Seekers, you will need to provide evidence of previous experience in the Construction and Building Industry (for example, previous pay slips, references, separation certificates, resume).