Nombay Pty Ltd trading as Advanced Industry Training RTO #5363 


Advanced Industry Training (AIT) is committed to the provision of quality training at reasonable cost.  As a training provider, the viability of Advanced Industry Training is dependent upon the support of participants.  Consequently, all aspects of company policy have been designed to serve the best interest of the participants and comply with the national Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO).  In particular, Advanced Industry Training will comply with the following minimum requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

Participants are requested to advise AIT if they require assistance with the Language, Literacy or Numeracy requirements of a course.  Each short course enrolment form has a section to identify LLN support requirements required.

Participants enrolling on to a full qualification program will be required to completed a full LLN assessment as part of the enrolment process.  Support strategies will be implemented for participants requiring additional support.

Advanced Industry Training is committed to the development and delivery of training programs of a high professional standard that will provide participants with training they can use in the workplace.  AIT will ensure that all requests for assistance will be actioned where reasonably practicable.

Within the limitations implicit in each training package, AIT will administer nationally accepted standards of equity and access.  Participants must be aware that there are some restrictions to accessing some training and subsequently employment outcomes.

Advanced Industry Training (AIT), acts in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. All enrolment procedures are based on the Standards.  Participants are required to provide certain information at time of enrolment that will inform the RTO as to their suitability to undertake a particular course.  The information provided by participants is treated with utmost confidentiality and AIT complies with the Privacy Act and Privacy Principles at all times.

Further, participants should be aware that there are mandatory requirements for notifying for high-risk work licence course assessments and AIT may be requesting additional information to meet the mandatory notification requirements.  This includes provision of a contact phone number and email address.

Attendance on a course is not confirmed until the enrolment form (or similar) has been received by the RTO.  AIT will acknowledge receipt of the enrolment form (or other enrolment advice) and confirm enrolment by email.  Enrolments via online system through AIT website is preferred.

Participants enrolling onto a course will be provided with details of the course, cost, enrolment requirements, pre-requisites, what to bring, LLN requirements, and other requirements via the enrolment form.  In some circumstances, the enrolment information will be provided by email or by phone.

AIT complies with the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations in respect of assessing a request for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).  There are some units of competency where RPL is not applicable as per regulatory body requirements.  RPL is not available on TLILIC001 Licence to transport dangerous goods by road. RPL is also not available on the assessment for any high-risk work licence unit of competency.  

Participants applying for RPL will be required to provide evidence of experience/skill to meet the RPL guidelines.  Participants will be asked to provide current, sufficient and valid evidence such as previous licence (if applicable), currency of experience/skill and employment references relating to experience. Participants applying for RPL must also complete the AIT RPL kit and pay the relevant fee before the RPL can be reviewed by an appropriate Assessor.

Participants will be advised of any fees involved when making application for RPL.

AIT acknowledges and supports Mutual Recognition as one of the most important features of the Australian Quality Training Framework. We will recognise the Qualifications/Statements of Attainment issued by any other registered training organisation located within Australia once they have been validated.  A Credit Transfer will be applied for validated, previously held Qualifications/Statements of Attainment.

Where participants wish to upgrade a previously held competency to the current competency, participants will be asked to supply evidence of currency of skills and experience in the competency.  For example, participants may be requested to supply documentation from an employer detailing current relevant work experience and skills.  Where currency for the competency is not proven, participants may be requested to complete the full course for that competency. Further, where participants have commenced training with another RTO and wish to transfer to Advanced Industry Training to complete the competency/qualification, participants will be required to provide certain evidence of the training provided by the other RTO.  At a minimum, participants will be required to provide evidence of any formal training undertaken, logbooks with current experience recorded and may have to undertake a challenge test.

Payment of course fees is required prior to the commencement of the course.  In some circumstances, the Business Manager may approve payment of course fees after completion of the course.

Participants should be aware that the Standards for Registered Training Organisations provides that an RTO has 30 days from receipt of course fees to issue Statements of Attainment/Qualifications.  AIT will not issue any training outcomes to participants until all course fees have been paid unless otherwise agreed with the AIT Business Manager.


AIT recognises that where course fees are paid for by an employer or other agency, fees will be paid according to their business terms of trade.

In some cases, a payment plan can be set up for course fees over $500.  To request a payment plan, please send an email to the Business Manager accounts@aittraining.com.au .

Advanced Industry Training prefers payment through EFT or eftpos.  Payments can be made at the office or by phone using a credit card.  Cheques are no longer accepted for payments. AIT does not accept AMEX or Diners Club cards.

Unless through prior approval with AIT Business Manager, all fees are payable prior to commencement of the course. Should a participant/employer wish to cancel enrolment prior to the commencement date of a course, the following refund conditions will apply: 

Working days’ notice prior to commencement date and % Refund

5 or more days’ notice                        100% refund

2-5 days’ notice                                 50% refund

Less than 48 hours’ notice                  No refund

Fees paid in advance can also be held in credit for later use should the participant wish to attend a future course.

Should AIT cancel or discontinue a course prior to commencement for any reason, any and all affected participants will be entitled to an option of a guaranteed refund or transfer into a future course. 

Once a course has commenced, should the training need to stop because of unforeseen circumstances, e.g. inclement weather, participants will automatically be transferred to the next available course and advised accordingly.

A cancellation fee of $50 per person may apply where less than 24hrs notice of non-attendance is given.  The cancellation fee applies where course fees have not yet been paid.

By signing the Enrolment form, the participant/employer is declaring their agreement with the Terms and Conditions, including Refund Policy as set out above.

Unless otherwise agreed to, AIT will pay invoices from suppliers within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.  Where AIT has an account with a supplier with longer payment terms, AIT will ensure that payment is made by the due date on the invoice.

All personal information will be treated as strictly confidential and only disclosed to regulatory bodies ASQA and WH&S as required.  Participant information will not be disseminated to any other organisation other than a body that governs training requirements. By undertaking the training, the participant consents to providing personal information for the purposes of identification to enable issuance of training competencies achieved.  AIT will only record personal information required under the ASQA Standards for RTOs 2015.

 Participants may opt to enable AIT to provide copies of their Statements of Attainment or Qualifications to employers or other persons by completing a Third-Party Release form. Where an employer or other organisation is paying the course fees, AIT assumes consent is provided to provide copies of Statements/Qualifications to that organisation.

The general business policy of Advanced Industry Training is to provide quality services at a fair price.  Complaints will be resolved in and equitable and timely manner either internally or by recourse to external mediation.

Specific Procedures 

  1. Complaints should be directed to AIT, Business Manager either in writing or verbally.
  2. Business Manager will respond to the complainant advising timeframe for resolution of the complaint. It is our aim to resolve all complaints within 28 days.
  3. If still dissatisfied, complainant is to inform the Managing Director of Advanced Industry Training in writing.
  4. Managing Director will review the complaint and respond within 28 days.
  5. If external mediation is required to resolve the complaint, the complainant will be advised of any cost involved prior to the complaint being referred externally.


Appeals against any decisions made by AIT will be processed as follows:

  1. Each appeal and its outcome are to be recorded in writing.
  2. Each appeal is heard by an independent person or panel.
  3. Each appellant has the opportunity to formally present their case.
  4. Each appellant is given a written statement of the appeal outcomes, including reasons for the decision.

Participants are expected to behave in a manner which is courteous, safe and not disruptive within training and assessment activities conducted by Advanced Industry Training.

All participants are expected to:

  • Conduct themselves in a lawful, ethical, safe and responsible manner that recognises and respects rights and views of others;
  • Ensure they are not under the influence of any illicit substance, including alcohol when attending training (classroom or practical);
  • Advise trainers if they are taking prescription medication that may affect their ability to operate machinery;
  • Participate actively in training courses and not purposely disrupt the courses in progress;
  • Act in a manner that is not aggressive, demeaning, disrespectful or offensive to other participants, trainers/assessors, staff or visitors to AIT;
  • Demonstrate respect for themselves, other participants, trainers/assessors, staff and other visitors;
  • Take responsibility for their own behaviour and learning;
  • Cooperate with trainers/assessors and other staff and comply with lawful directions given to them;
  • Abide by Workplace Health and Safety legislation, policy and procedure at all times and not behave in a way that endangers themselves or others.

AIT staff, trainers and assessors are expected to:

  • Conduct themselves in a lawful, ethical, safe and responsible manner that recognises and respects rights and views of others;
  • Ensure consistency and fairness to all participants when providing training and assessment services;
  • Represent AIT in a professional capacity at all times ensuring the reputation of AIT is upheld at all times;
  • Act in a manner that is not aggressive, demeaning, disrespectful or offensive to participants, trainers/assessors, staff or visitors to AIT;
  • Abide by Workplace Health and Safety legislation, policy and procedure at all times and not behave in a way that endangers themselves or others;
  • Communicate with participants appropriately when dealing with unacceptable behaviour. 


Participant behaviour that does not comply with the expected standards listed above is not acceptable.  Trainers/assessors and/or staff will provide one verbal (1) warning to the participant about unacceptable behaviour and the participant will be asked to immediately modify their behaviour.  Should unacceptable behaviour continue, the participant will be asked to leave the course and their enrolment will be cancelled.

Where the unacceptable behaviour involves serious behaviour (for example a dangerous act or physical harm), appropriate action will be taken by the trainer/assessor or other staff.  This could include informing Police and/or immediate cancellation of enrolment with participant being asked to leave the premises and refused further enrolment.

Fee Structure:

Training pricing is influenced by market forces.  Consequently, course prices may vary from time to time. Costs of courses will be advised to participants prior to their enrolment or through a quotation or by using the enrolment form.  Extra fees such as regulatory application fees are the responsibility of the participant and not AIT.

Group discounts of 10% per participant per course may be offered where a confirmed enrolment of at least 5 participants from the same customer is received by AIT (White Card courses excluded). Where possible/appropriate AIT will offer a 10% discount to Australian Defence Force members.


Where a group booking is made and a group discount is approved, the customer will be charged for all participants at the time of enrolment at the discounted rate even if the final number of participants reduces.


All written quotes from AIT are Firm for 30 Days. In our efforts to follow our motto of reasonable pricing, AIT will match any written quote from other RTOs if that written quote is verified and indicates a lower course fee.


From time to time, it may be appropriate for the RTO to offer a per course or per day rate for training, especially where there are large numbers of participants.  The Business Manager will approve a per course or per day rate of training and advise of such in a quotation.

In exceptional circumstances, AIT may enter into a training plan for course fees exceeding $500.  In these cases, 50% of the course fee is to be paid at attendance of the course and the remaining 50% of the course is due by the end of the month following the course date.

There are courses which involve the use of specialised equipment.  Such courses will be identified at the time of enrolment and offered on a cost-plus basis. The equipment hire for these courses will be passed onto participants or their employers.  The additional costs will be advised to the participant prior to enrolment.

Where the training is taking place outside of Townsville QLD, Travel and Accommodation fees may be applied. These fees will be made clear prior to enrolment.  Refer to the AIT Schedule of Rates – Travel Expenses.

AIT recognises that not all participants can attend training during the working week. At times, weekend courses will be scheduled to meet participant demand.  The minimum number of participants per course for weekend courses to take place is 2. Weekend course fees will attract a 20% surcharge, unless otherwise advised.

A replacement issue fee of $25.00 per statement/card is applicable and may be charged for reprints of statements or identification cards. The Business Manager may waive this fee on request from the participant.  The replacement fee must be paid prior to the release of the reprinted statement/card.

Not all course fees are fully funded through funding bodies such as CSQ and DESBT. AIT office has more information and funding application forms. Where there are out of pocket expenses after funding has been applied, all participants are responsible for ensuring the out of pocket expenses are paid prior to completion of the course.

Where a co-contribution fee is required for DESBT funding, the co-contribution fee is applicable at time of enrolment unless advised otherwise.  For DESBT User Choice funded enrolments, fees are invoiced at completion of each unit of competency and charged according to the current DESBT fee for service amount.

Funding through CSQ is extremely limited. If funding has been used for the year, the office staff will advise participants prior to enrolment and advise of the full course fee.  Where appropriate, participant details will be added to a wait list for the next CSQ year.

If funding is not approved for any reason, all participants (or their employer or other agency) must pay all course fees as per the declaration on application form.

The primary item of legislation covering all training offered by AIT is the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld) and the ASQA Standards for RTOs 2015.Visit www.legislation.qld.gov.au or www.asqa.gov.au for more information.